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what are considered as environmental damage
can someone help what is considered as a environmental damge

Additional damage mitigation against all damage except environmental
all damage due to fire on evironment, or explosive mines, or eletric chock wires on ground....
all damage resilience protects you from whatever an enemy can thow at you like, grenades, fire from flamethowers, or shots
How can this be a negative number?
Its due to the RECKLESS talent on your chest piece
you must have a reckless chest armor that gives less 10%.... if you had none then you now must have -10%
I've been trying to figure out for a long time how to get all damage resilience and have been unsuccessful. If anyone knows how you get it could you please tell me. Thank you
exotic damage resilience is not the same as the all damage resilience
the only time I have seen my go up in percentage (45%) is when i lay down my smart cover
the best is to have 2 final measure pieces that gives a bonus of 50% all damage resilience