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the vector 45 acp talents are
Adept: Using a skill increases your critical hit chance by 8% for 5 seconds
Deadly: Critical hit damage is increased by 26%
Accurate: Accuracy is increased by 46%
They're all random talents. Every time you make a vector, you will have 3 different talents on them.
Marksman rifles can get coolheaded talent. I crafted a high end mk17 and it has it as the built in talent that doesn't require you to get the "stats" to use it. That's my personal experience that I can confirm with pictures if need be. However I have also heard high end pistols can get the same talent though I haven't seen that myself yet.
I got a GS 182 magnum sidearm with coolheaded.
Trained: Critical Hits increase signature skill resources by 0.10% (Value @ item lv 182) Looks like muscular arm.
can be at smg
can we freaking update this wiki?
so if you buy a weapon with no talents on it, is there a way to craft a talent or two or three into it ?