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This is the most basic, rudimentary information you could possibly post and still call it "helpful". I didn't come here to learn that burn damage hurts people over time. I wanted to know which effects slow players down, which stop them from using weapons or items, which effects prevent or reduce skill usage. Ugh.



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This is a foundational page, where players can add tips over time as they learn more which is how wikis work. Even as it presently stands you can look at this page and answer your questions. Blind-Deaf, Disorient and Shock stun and slow players down. Disrupt kills deployed skills.
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Blind and/or deaf?? or are you just disoriented afters the shock?
I am actually satisfied with the information, considering that you cannot find this information in other places. Yes it could go into a lot more detail however the game itself doesn't help much, there is a lot of information lacking from the devs. I for one know at least which items cause the effects so I know if I need certain resistance. For most people this would be against Flacon and the new Raid.
For example, is pulsed a status effect?