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missing muzzle brake, flash hider, loud vent brake

brake is stability, vent brake is threat increase, hider is accuracy



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size: unknown
stat: headshot damage
magnifier: unkjnown
size large

crit chance
unknown size
I have a silencer that increases threat.
I'd love to see the addition of an under-slung masterkey (12 gauge; breaching-shotty); maybe an M-203 (40 mm grenade launcher) or bi-/tripods implemented in the future.
as far as optics [item-wise] , a variable scope/sight (; ), a thermal or NV/Low-Light scope/sight... [mechanic-wise] i'd love to see a better ADS POV for the Improved Iron Sights, as well as, the Red Dot and Reflex CCOs.
maybe a taped-, (or double-), mag, a drum mag, or an ammo satchel/box like some of the belt-fed crew-serv weapson have.
First they need to update everthing since some mods come with Weapon Dmg % and they're missing a list of many mods in general like the Flash Hider on the Muzzle (small)
Much of this is dead wrong. CQBSS is Stability. ACOG is Accuracy. Omega is Headshot Damage. Handstop is Reload Speed. Vert Grip is Optimal Range. MK5 is Optimal Range. VX-1 is Headshot Damage. Come on now.... If you're going to set up a Wiki, don't spread misinformation. If you don't play the game, take this crap down.