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Stated by a Massive employee in a reddit post, due to the weapon being grossly over powered because of the trained talent, the talent will be temporarily disabled until that figure out a nerf in the next patch
hey could have made a note of that on the weapon... it took me a while to notice that it was not doing what it said it should be doing.
Thanks man
Just got this on a drop and a successful Helo recovery in The DZ. Unmatched in stability thus far and damage is quite immense at close to mid' range. Definitely curious as to how far I can mod this bad boy. Thank you for the yellow drop TD' Feeling like a golden boy
I can't find it anywhere killed loads of landmark named bosses and still no sign. Any ideas please
my friend got 3 from The Pit Landmark
Already have it. Found it at subway in dz01
Were you a rogue agent?
Go to 5th Avenue DZ checkpoint and make your way to the trash mob in between the east side DZ 1 entrance. Farm that mob and you'll get one. I've gotten more than 5. You can also try out the pit in DZ 6 that's where I found my first one.