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I have two go bags in my inventory.

Hunting pack lvl. 7:
34 capacity
Maj. Atts. Are
+197 skill power
Min. Atts Are
+12% Ammo Cap.

Second go bag is...
Recruit bag lvl . 5
33 capacity
Maj. Atts. Are
+12 Armor
Min. Atts Are
11% Ammo Cap.
My question is, +197 Skill Power sounds very enticing
and valuble. But what exactly does it enhance?




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It adds 197 directly to your Electronics stat. It's the equivalent of finding 19.7 Electronics on a piece of gear.
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Okay why is skill power not directly effected like DPS? Example : Piece of equipment makes my stats go....

Dps: 2400 (2700) Health: 2400 (2200) Skill Power: 670 (940)

Now when I equipment the stats change to....

Dps: 2700 Health: 2200 Skill Power: 670

Why is Skill power not directly effected?
You're thinking Electronics. For example, your electronics is 670 and your equipment will increase the electronics to 940.

Following the numbers above. 10 Skill Power = 1 Electronics on a piece of Gear.

670 x 10 = 6700 (Skill Power)

940 x 10 = 9400 (Skill Power)

So when you're comparing items the more electronics the better it will be for effecting your skills, but the equipment may have it's major attribute as additional skill power as well.

For example, you choose an electronics backpack, and the major attribute on it is an increase skill power of 1500. Your skill power in this case will increase by 1500 + (Electronics Stat x 10) = Total Skill Power.
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