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By Anonymous
What does it mean where it says flooded city/missile (X%)
What is the percentage?
By Anonymous
This may be just coincidence, or just my luck, but I caught fish about 35-40 percent faster every cast if I turned my pods light on and off in sync with the waves coming from the pod. As soon as I stopped that, my times went back up. Not an exact science but meh
By Anonymous
I just tried it out. It seems like you actually get fish faster. OR just really crazy coincidence...

By Anonymous
Read this as I was trying to get my last fish from the amusement park, started to try it and immediately caught what I needed. It’s likely that turning the light on and off attracts the fish and raises the chances of a rare catch. Doesn’t seem like much of a coincidence now that all three of us have seen it happen
By Anonymous
This might seem a little crazy and I haven't had enough time to fully test the theory, but I believe turning the Pod light on and off over and over again works to catch fish better.
By Anonymous
I'm having no luck finding Arowana Machines in the ravine... I've found Arapalma Maachines and even just live Arowanas but no machine versions and it's been damn near a couple hours at that spot anyone know of other places?