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You can fish in river in the forest area. It's really hard cause you can barely see your pod but it's possible.
i also caught a Basking Shark in the Flooded City
killifish are EVERYWHERE
I've caught a Machine Lifeform Head in the Flooded City
I caught a broken firearm on under the bridge in the amusement park once
I put the flashlight on to fish, helps me to know if the pod is fully submerged
I caught fur carp in city ruins in the ravine area between tower and market
I caught a Bloat Fish Machine at the Oil Field too.
Page is wrong, it says you can sell fish for gold when you can only sell them for G. If you talk to the NPC wearing the machine head in the resistance camp he explains that G is really just scrap given bartering value. So it's not gold.
Splitting hairs
He also specifically doesn't reveal what G stands for so in theory it could be Gold or even Grams or something off the wall entirely
Well, since there are "gold ore" in the game that sell for multiple "G", it is safe to surmise "G" is not "gold". He makes a valid point
Yeah idiot. Pffffff. Seriously, is it that big a deal?
Woww everyone round of applause for this 200 iq dip*****for the smartest comment on this page!
It could stand for Gil you never know