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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Is he the reason Simone wants to be beautiful?

After beating Simone once again in Route B, you'll unlock a new cutscene with Simone and a machine life form who looks like Jean Paul (Sartre). So we can imagine that Simone did want to be beautiful for him to /look her way/...
He honestly might be the factory god
Nietzsche is the factory god, since all those bots are perfect nihilists.
Wouldn't it be better to rename this page and it's quest to the English name of said character? This is after all a wiki targeted towards English readers.
hey i have a theory i just thought up
remember the boss Simone (thats what shes called im my game) when you kill her as 2b or hack her as 9s you see some of her past. doing so you see the bot she wants to be seen as beautiful its a medium biped bot with a tall hat. like this guy who has three robots all after his affection. affection he cares not for, what if simone is this guys fault
It is. This is the guy Simone is trying to impress.
Does anybody have any clue why his name is bleeped out when 9S says it? It's been bugging the crap out of me since a while ago when I first played the game.
Apparently, it's due to some copyright issues.
The game files contain the un-bleeped english voiceover lines of 9S referring to him as "Sartre". The decision to alter all text occurrences of him to his first name, probably because of a copyright issue, happened after finalizing the VO sessions.