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Thank You
No u
Poopoo peepee Popeyes
no poison bolts? aww man....
It's because of the multi-shot crossbows which if used with poison bolts would trigger poison right away. This would be great in certain PvE situations but would make PvP absolute cancer.
for those wondering why there are no poison bolts - for the exact reason you came here looking for them: poison bolts + avelyn = instant poison status OP, if you ask me
Poison imbued channeler's trident....?
05Jun, that at least requires you to get in melee range of the foe, and limits the ability to just abuse poison
Why wouldn't you include the cost of each arrow in the chart? Seems like an obvious oversight.
When leveling up costs half a million souls every time, the cost of arrows is meaningless x_x
No Magic Great arrow? Thats a missed oppertunity. Can you really not buy Lacerating Arrows btw??
Unfortunately no, you need to use bonfire ascetics to farm them, huntsmans copse gives you 40 per ascetic.
It's dumb how they screwed several types of builds out of appropriate arrows.
Do any of the arrows have any special properties, other than elemental damage, like how dark arrows in ds3 home in on targets?
am disappoint no dark greatarrow for possessed armor great bow :(
The real MVP for higher NG+ CoC playtroughs.

I would kinda prefer a boss rush mode once you beat the game (with bosses you previously defeated) but whatever.