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I find this glitches I double and triple check to see if I have all the pyromancies and I do have them all. I'm not sure why it's not giving me the achievement
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I believe that sometimes you won't get the achievements if you are playing offline. It happened to me before for some of my other achievements. Maybe try getting rid of one of your pyromancies and buy another one back?
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how to make any boss a joke:
-Great combustion
-Black Flame
-Crown of dusk
-spell damage buff ring
-ascend pyro flame to 5+

Congrats now you can destroy every boss in the game apart from centipede demon this guy is immune to fire :(
By Anonymous
i mean black flame deals physical damage as well, now i haven't tried it but it does sound possible
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I mean artorius, manus, and kalameet are all immune to fire as well
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By Anonymous
they need to buff fire surge
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This game is a decade old
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Pyromancy was (and still is) arguably one of the best ways to play ds and have an amazing time melting through things with ease.
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black flame black flame
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That means New Game Plus, bicthes
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best magic if you want to focus on other attributes like strength and dex

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The savior of every SL1 playthrough.
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There are 16 offensive pyromancies (13 if we exclude mist ones). There are then 4 support pyromancies (7 if we include mist ones). Then there's a total of 20 pyromancies, 19 if we exclude the one from the DLC.

They are really good, in general, quite sad with how they nerfed magic in Dark Souls 3
By Anonymous
What? lol. Pyromancies in DS3 are OP af and essentially all of these spells are there, plus a few more. Plus rapport is super broken in that in affects almost every enemy, not just undead