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how do you get undead rapport
talk to quelana. She sells it along with other advance pyros.
You need to upgrade a pyromancy flame to make the merchant appear in the poison swamp. I think it requires rank 10
Do pyromancies has int or fai requierement ? They only scall on pyromancy flamme level ?
they scale in both, I recommend you get 40 int and 40 faith
They don't scale on either in DS1. Upgrade your flame and don't waste your souls on levelling up as the other guy said my man.
"they scale in both, I recommend you get 40 int and 40 faith"
Liar ahead.
DS1 just bases pyromancy on how upgraded your Pyromancy flame is. This can make it a possible second option for fighting.
DS2 and DS3 base it on faith and intellect.
Scales only with upgrades not int or faith people above haven’t done their research
That moment you realize you have all pyros except for the most basic*****: sweat n' iron flesh... :c
well yeah, thats sorta the point. pyromancies are the most simplistic form of magic, so of course its spells do simple things, unlike the holy miracles and complex sorceries
they have everything EXCEPT GOD DAMN WARMTH
played too much ds3 or 2 huh?
Where's my Carthus flame arc?
You're an idiot.
Who the ***** uses warmth


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is there any weapon like demon's scar on Dark Souls 1 ?
Quelag's fury sword, it's a curved sword which if you press the attack button it turns into a fire sowrd.
Nope sry bud that was unique to DS3
I feel like pyromancies and dark magic were always being experimented with in terms of how they work
any good recommendations about good pvp pyromancies? i have 5 attunement slots. mostly i want to fight with a sword and have them as a back up or an alternative solution.
Great Combustion / Black Flame, Chaos Fire Orb (throw close range to the floor without beeing locked on), Power within
If you are against a gank use fire tempest or some AOE piromancy, combustion or great combustion is pretty good, i recomend you to have high dexterity as it influences teh casting speed
Does the level of your pyromancy flame effect the matchmaking in any way?
Yes, as I understand, Weapon Level applies the same for the flame.
Yes it does
Just noticed that in dark souls remastered, the pyromancy flame has int scaling. Does this only increase the fire punch attack damage or does it also increase spell damage?
punch i believe
The int scaling does absolutely nothing, not even the punch.
nothing at all zilch nada it's wierd why it even has that scalling
It does increase the punch damage technically. But since the base damage and scaling are so low you don't really notice it. Does nothing otherwise.