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I got this on my first playthrough...
Upon completion, rewards weapon: Spear of the Usurper
Can aquire this mission before returning to the factory in the first playthrough.
for the Statue of a Girl, i found it just south of the researcher, just half of the minimap-size distance
Upvoting that, had a bit of trouble finding the last piece
Continue going towards Desert Housing, and to the left of the entrance find the Filthy Mask between two rock formations.

Geologist here, those were not rock formations, bombs would be the correct term.
So I have found the Mas on my 2B playthrough but not the other 2 parts to go find the 4th and then i got to this quest with A2 and I can't complete it as the mask isn't there and the quest isn't finished. Even went to the 4th place and see if it's there and it isn't.
Same thing here
Must be a bug damnit
Quest is available after main quest: MIA on the first playthough
Also found the Phoenix Lance.
This quest became available for me after completing the "9S Captured" main quest (after the fight in the Copied City).