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By Anonymous
if you fight these things with a wood shield or GCS then i got one thing to say, welcome to Satan's backyard. these things are far FAR worse than pinhead the joke so what if they were the bossfight instead? yeah you just have to fight past a giant bonewheel whilst hundreds of minis swarm you like the Nito bossfight
By Anonymous
I had such a hard time with these things
By Anonymous
Correction: Bone wheels in the catacombs are 8.
By Anonymous
Step 1: Cast Karmic Justice
Step 2: Hold Block
Step 3: Walk Towards Wheel
Step 4: Laugh And Repeat As Necessary
By Anonymous
Will the amount of casts be enough?
By Anonymous
I lost 80,000 souls to them in The Catacombs once... I never underestimated them again.
By Anonymous
Wooden wheeled wankers
By Anonymous
Try to use the most broken and op method when dealing with them, known only to pros and vest. RUN
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Just been baiting them into the wall and bonking them with a Divine Great Club. Been working for me.
By Anonymous
They were good soul farms when I was low level
By Anonymous
Why are you downvoting him? I also farmed souls on them.
By Laghairt
Fighting them in the one place in the catacombs where there's about four of them. Drop down where the knight is, he glitched out for me so this was easy, and lighting spear. Praise the ****ing sun
By Anonymous
I hate them..... more... than.... anything.....
By Anonymous
sounds like you need to go to eleum loyce and meet the stab rabbits.