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Yeah, **** me WHEEL good. Oh, all 4 of you?? Well I always did want to feel like a pretty car
These things in the Painted World well are just.... **** me. Broken.
Heavy armor/high poise + silver knight shield and Pyromancy seems to counter them well. Try that next time?
Is it possible that these enemies are based on the "Breaking Wheel" method of torture?
And if so, would that have a place under a trivia section or something similar?
It is possible.
well, they're based on the wheel skeletons from Berserk, who's death was caused by the "Breaking Wheel" method of torture. So you're kinda on to something
They're *****s
I *****in died cuz of them in NG+


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O died soo many times cose them
The Best enemy in all of Dark Souls-dom. This enemy deserves a medal for all the hapless adventurers they have killed in the line of duty. Roll on, Bonewheels, Roll on!
Haha also one of the biggest references to Berserk too, they're straight out of the tower of retribution arc
>no shield run >ng+ >world of ariamis >go get the key in the swears >get cornered on these tiny corridors by wheel skeletons >lose 95k souls >profit
because you must suffer