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Thank you!
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praise the sun!
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Use Binoculars and a pyro glove with basic fireball and you can hit the relevant 4 tar pits and ignite them without aggroing the darksuckers, then you can chill and wait for drops, rest at the bonfire next to you and carry on without ever having to mess with the lurkers or statues ~ OLR
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Step 1: git axe; Gavlan wheel?
Step 2: git gud.
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Does summoning the phantoms get better drops or can you farm without the phantoms??
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How to use large titanite shard? I have 4 but i cannot upgrade equipment at blackmith
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You need to upgrade a weapon to +3 using regular titanite shards before requiring large ones.
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I'm surprised it doesn't mention it dropping in the "Memory of Jeigh" level. At least in SotFS, they're dropping almost every single visit. Sometimes two at a time, even three. You don't even have to fight the boss at the end. As long as he's alive, the minions fighting each other seem to keep spawning.

The REAL problem in this game is titanite Chunk. ****'s incredibly rare. AFAIK, it can only be farmed in Black Gultch from the serpents/sphincter worms and from Tseldora peasants. I have 99 Large titanite Shards but a titanite Chunk ain't one.
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They also drop from Large Gyrms, possibly at a lower right but they're not in a poison dart hole.