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this is actually not really worth farming for, first off its a rare drop and 2nd balder shield is straight up a better shield, you can always buy it for 4k guaranteed and a crystal +5 balder shield has 78 stability, so its straight up better, also crystal shields will never break unless you play pvp like all day every day, in my playthroughs i start with 22 durability and after killing gwyn i will end with 21, so i can easily do 22 full playthroughs of the entire game and it will never break, basically unless you plan to play until new game +23 then a crystal balder shield outclasses every other medium shield, also its alot lighter as well. all of this also applies to the silver knight shield as well btw, especially since that one is a 1% drop, so its even rarer to get in the first place and not even worth it since again, balder shield is just better in every way.
By Anonymous
Yeah but damn it looks cool
By Anonymous
What are you talking about? This is completely wrong.

Balder Shield has 20/60/50 percent damage reduction for magic/fire/lighting, compared to 40/75/65 for the Silver Knight Shield and 25/95/65 for the Black Knight Shield. Balder Shield is objectively worse than both BKS and SKS for all three non-physical damage types, especially compared to BKS for fire damage.
By Anonymous
Every playtrought, i try to get this shield.
By Anonymous
Ah yes, the perfect shield to use with the Drake sword for all the twink white phantoms out there. You'll look like a tryhard but at least they know they will be safe with you.
By Anonymous
can this be farmed from the respawning black knights at the end of the game? i killed every knight in the game and have killed those respawning ones, like 40 times and still no shield. . .and this is with 410% item drop rate.
none of the drop rates quoted on this site seem accurate, because i get my loot far more rarely than this site says i should
By Anonymous
nevermind, same person as before, i got it. i can confirm you can farm this at those knights at the end of the game
By Anonymous
can also confirm I actually got it from the 2nd black knight i killed there. Rng's crazy