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By Anonymous
I love that Goofy-ahh L2 attack, there's few things that give me more joy than watching my character turn into a beyblade spinning around this gigantic burnt chicken leg before proceeding to recklessly and clumsily bellyflop into enemies and faceplanting while sending enemies flying like wet towels, it's pretty much guaranteed to use all of your stamina and it's impractical, but I don't care, it's goofy as all hell and I adore it
By Anonymous
This absolute beauty of a Chicken Drumstick is the very definition of "Awesome but Impractical", It's absurdly heavy to the point that it's hard to even wear decently strong armour without significant Vitality investment, it absolutely DEVOURS stamina to the point that unless you have a crazy amount of endurance you'd be hard-pressed to do more than two attacks in a row without running out of stamina, it's quite slow even by Great Hammer standards when it comes to most of its attacks, and it's so ridiculously huge that it often blocks a good portion of your vision, but it's also one of the most powerful weapons in the game in terms of raw physical damage, the Giant Warrior Club being the only competing Great Hammer for pure damage (which is much shorter has mediocre durability and has an arguably inferior moveset while still being incredibly heavy even if it's not as much as the Smelter Hammer) being able to one-shot most mobs with the 2-handed R2s at 50 strength, and even tanky Havels won't be able to withstand many hits from it, its moveset is just a thing of beauty, particularly the brilliant goofy-ahh spin-to-win bellyflop L2 attack, and the running attacks are extremely good to the point you could argue they're OP in PvP, and sure it's slow but your enemies are DEFINITELY gonna feel it when they get hit by it, this thing makes a mockery of poise most of the time, you might as well be hitting people with an entire bus with how easily it can pancake people and send them flying through the air, even regular R1s with this weapon can pancake people and/or send them flying with ease, I'd recommend using items like the Cloranthy Ring (preferably the +2 variant if you have it) and the Blossom Kite Shield due to how insanely stamina-hungry this thing is, and like other big heavy weapons having a decently hefty amount of poise helps a lot too. Overall, sure it's impractical but it's also easily one of the most fun weapons in the game, I love this beautiful Colossal Drumstick so much.
By Anonymous
I kinda wish this thing made the same sounds as the Dark Souls 1 Dragon Tooth/Great Club only louder and/or deeper, Swinging this giant burnt chicken drumstick would be even better if it made a really loud *CLOOONG!* every time it hit something
By Anonymous
My dumb *** got multiple of these trying to get the bleed version, without bothering to check if it was even possible
By Anonymous
A fantastic weapon for Horse**** Valley, since its two-handed heavy attack is one of the few things that can pancake those horrible Frost Horses who are also more susceptible to strike damage than other forms of physical damage, and it has possibly the highest durability of any weapon in the game that isn't unbreakable like the Santier's Spear after breaking the statue head off, which really helps against the two hell kitties Lud and Zallen with their really annoying ability of corroding your weapon and damaging its durability every time you hit them since it's nowhere near as likely to break halfway through the fight like most other weapons.
By Anonymous
This thing is what colossal weapons in Elden Ring aspire to be.
By dzerofive
Was doing DEX build, and once got to Brume Tower decided "If it drop in few attempts, doing respec for STR", and so it did
By Anonymous
I've finally found it, the Ascended Bonk!
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