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By GrimGarm
as i saw the strenght requirements & weight my first thought was: i'm gonna powerstance two of those babys :D
By Anonymous
That’s a great idea!
By Anonymous
The legendary chicken wing *.*
By Anonymous
The running R1 is literally the most overpowered move in the game. Not only is it nearly impossible to dodge, but it also catches runners, and pancakes damage traders. All of the attacks on this weapon will fling the other person out of their attacks. Ultimate poise destroyer. Just sprint/backstep and R1 for an easy Host Destroyed.
By Anonymous
has anyone seen it going white? after i buffed it and the buff went out it was white like snow for like 5-6 seconds
By Anonymous
Must be a glitch
By Anonymous
Is the bleed mace obtainable 2!
By Black_Iron_Bob
I f*cking wish. It'd be perfect for a barbarian build or cleric build (clerics are known to use Morningstars which do bleed damage so I figure it makes sense).
By Anonymous
Can their bleed mace also b obtained 2?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Anyone willing to drop me one at the foyer bonfire, at a specified time? Haven't had luck getting these to drop.
By Anonymous
maybe because its a boss soul weapon and thus you cant farm them from normal enemys.
By Anonymous
This is late, but has this guy even read the wiki?
By Anonymous
Do you guys even played the game... To answer such hideously wrong answers that could confuse any other reader... It drops from the Iron Warriors, which are rare (but respawning) enemies in the DLC. Kill those who wear this weapon to have a chance to get it from them.
By Anonymous
>every time I apply charcoal pine resin's finger lickin' good
By Anonymous
Dip that chicken in hot sauce and make it extra fiery
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