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By Anonymous
This absolute goddamn unit of a chicken drumstick makes using Smough's Hammer seem like a toy foam bat by comparison
By Anonymous
I never knew this was rare, just got it randomly recently and was like "wow that's strong". Still running it to the end, insanely good weapon for PvP and PvE.
By Andrew73B
Hahaha, big stick to brr *fervently mashes L2 and R2*
By Anonymous
Love this gigantic goofy ahh burnt chicken drumstick, it's like the dragon tooth started hitting the gym HARD
By Anonymous
all this just for the giant club to be objectively better lmao
By Anonymous
Ashen warrior sword was more difficult to farm than this,even got 2 accidentaly while farming blue dagger
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Virgin great club vs the Chad mountain
By Anonymous
Ideal power stance weapon.
By Anonymous
Just spent 2 days farming for this. The wife said she would leave me if I spent anymore time on ds2 trying to farm this, she must be a dex user. Anyway jokes on her, I won't need her once i get my hammer.
By Anonymous
kkkkkkkkkkk oh my god dude, she's totally a dex user
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