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Killing bosses out of order forces the Black Sands Sorcerer to despawn after The Dried King, preventing you from acquiring the Dart Brand

Repro Steps:
1. Acquire the Red Shift Brand
2. Acquire the Hardlight Brand
3. Enter Cran's Pass through the Hall of Red Cages
4. Enter The Ruined Temple from Cran's Pass once you've killed Ronin Cran
5. Make your way to Siam Lake, skipping over The Coveted and Coveting
6. Kill the Witch of the Lake and head back to The Ruined Temple
7. Kill the Coveted and Coveting
8. Enter the Ziggurat of Dust from The Ruined Temple
9. Kill the Bloodless Prince, head up the Elevator after he is beaten
10. Make your way through the Ziggurat as intended to meet up with the Dried King and slay him

Actual Result:
Killing these bosses not in the intended order despawns the Black Sands Sorcerer after The Dried King, preventing you from getting the Dart Brand from the Sorcerer.

Expected Result:
Important NPCs should not despawn when meeting Boss Slaying criteria until you've at least acquired the mandatory skill from them.

Other Notes:
Possibly an oversight. This disincentives exploration in a game about exploration.