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No achievement for very hard....the ***** ?
uhr...casual trophies



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There are no difficulty trophies. It's still a time investment because you will need three playthroughs.
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I'm glad there isn't one.
Boss battles (which are essentially 1 vs 1) are fun on very hard, but in an open world, it's just tonz of salt, when some random trash monster farts in your general direction and you die without ever seeing what killed you.



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I'm really glad there is a option to buy the trophies with G. It saves me from being cruel and merciless to get all the endings. Also saves me the embarrassment of running around as 9S without pants for an hour...
Yeah but if you really buy the achievements you're just stupid. The sole point in Achivement is that they take some time to get,if you buy them you didn't do anything yourself and your platinum aint worth*****
Pants are for squares!
I'm glad we can buy it because some achievement are bugged and didn't unlock when we should have been getting it.
For me the Inorganic Blade somehow didn't unlock even when I got 100% completion rate.

Btw I ran with 9S without a pants for the lulz. Easily done by fishing or while sitting back and relax to listen to the soundtrack from the Juke box in the Resistance Camp :P
Shamefully casual. The only reason achievements are put in any game is to give gamers who want to go the extra mile something to "achieve"

No idea why any dev would put the option to buy achievements in the game, especially when there aren't any difficult ones in the first place.
Only one I’m buying is the upskirt one. Lollipop Chainsaw did it better anyway.
Inorganic Blade. Can someone elaborate on boss?
You have to obtain every weapon in the game and upgrade every weapon to its max level
Is 'Final Words ' on PS4 only?


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It's on the third playthough, just fyi. When 2B is corrupted by the virus, go to the pause menu, and you'll see the quest 'Loss', find A2 for this quest. Basically you can get it by watching 2B gets stabbed by A2 as 9S.
When it says, you can buy trophies at the trophy shop, does it mean every trophy or just some?