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i saw moist cheese this person with the whirlygig saw
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I suspect she is indeed what her name implies, the last living member of the Choir and/or at least one who is still loyal to the goals of the healing church.

I suspect she was sent by the higher ups in the choir chain of command to find and destroy Rom so they can make a go at stopping the ritual.

She failed but she’s continuing her search via the university library to find answers, seeing as Master William is unable to speak she has to figure things out on her own.

When you arrive she’s naturally hostile for to her you’re just another common vagabond looking pillage the school of its valuables and so in turn makes an effort to try and stop you at all costs.

My theory anyway, it’s possible she’s just a body guard and aid sent by the healing church to look after Master William and make he’s well looked after.
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she will stuck under the stair if you want to cheese her
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It sucks she stabbed hersel- Oh, wrong game
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By kroger
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why is the page still titled choir hunter
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Smack, smack, beast roar, then smackedy smack... beast roar again.... smack smackedy, smack, beast roar.... again rinse and repeat until your troublesome hunter is dead, you're welcome!
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Seriously, this chick is *****ing lethal. I legit brought one of the Madaras twins to fight her with me so she'd stop killing us on the way to Rom.
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Fact woman is tiger and smart strong.this tiger woman. men is chick and weak.
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I have a question, what it she doing there in the first place? Was she there to protect Master Willem or was she sent to kill him?
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I heard a theory that she was Willem's wife. It's unlikely though, as she seems a bit young in comparison...
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Finally somebody asking the right questions.I have no idea how people have come up with the name Yurie and if there is even an explicit reference to her specific NPC. Maybe we can piece something out of it, it really is one of the most annoyingly unaddressed things of the game. We know that 1- She is a full-fledged Choir member, for the attire and the fact she wields Rosmarinus 2- She got there not much before us: the door to Forbidden Woods was closed and the Choir did not know how to reach Byrgenwerth 3- It looks more like she is protecting rather than attacking or searching for something (she is close to the chest with the Student Uniform, not even the Empty Phanstam Shell or the Lunarium Key which may have more sense lorewise). My first theory was that she is there to avoid anybody making contact with Wilhelm (she wants to keep him locked) or even Rom (she wants to keep the Blood Moon concealed), altough I don't see why the Choir would want to "help" the School of Mensis by keeping the ritual a secret. It is pretty strongly implied that the Choir and School of Mensis were not in friendly terms (also condiering that a School of Mensis summon is there to help you defeat Rom, while "Yurie" antagonizes you). I really don't know whyat the deal with her is.
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I just killed her! Eat that stupid Yurie of the waste! Now to die 1,000 more time to another fight, gotta blast.
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When I visceral attacked her it did no damage, that is how she gives many players trouble
By Anonymous
With me it did 100 damage each visceral but she gives trouble with her arcane attacks