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also if you trigger her movement and then hide, she'll go back to the treasure chest with her back open for a visceral, also calling damian will make thefight tremendously easier.
Yurie, the true boss of byrgenwerth
Step onto the staircase to trigger her inspection, then quickly duck under said staircase. She'll walk all the way to the bottom, then immediately turn around and head back up, into the circle of sofas where the chest containing the student uniform is, with her back to the player for an easy visceral. It probably won't kill her, but it'll help to reduce the time it takes to fight her, and hopefully she won't use her damn Call Beyond in that time, or spray you to death with the Rosmarinus.
Spam Augur of Ebrietas, it's the best method for most of these choir members.
This is going to sound crazy, but it worked for me. I used a +6 Hunter Pistol, and +6 Axe single hand.

Run up there and start firing and swinging while locked, block her in the corner. R1 until the combo is done, shoot the pistol while your stamina recharges, repeat. Don't let her escape the corner. Should take less than a minute with those tools


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Get Blunderbuss and a fast weapon. Stunlock her with the weapon until you are out of stamina and then stunlock her with Blunderbuss until your stamina is full again. Rinse and repeat. Easy win.
Trigger her and then go through the fog wall after having met Rom, she should still be aggro and you can cheese her from behind the fog wall, just watch out for the rosmarinus because it can go through