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By Anonymous
The reason 40 vigor is necessary at meta levels. Also completely nullifys the winged knight halberd in every measurable category
By Anonymous
"dlc weapons are op", ok bro
By Anonymous
One of the Best STR Weapons I ever used. It's fast, light, heavy and has an true combo WA.
By Anonymous
So, is a refined gem on a Quality build a bad idea?
By Anonymous
quality build is a bad idea
By Anonymous
if quality yeah i guess, but maybe heavy gem better, it depends on what stat is higher, if strength heavy, if dex then sharp
By Anonymous
Sharp is better than refined until 53/53(str/dex)
By Anonymous
oops, but after 64/64 and up sharp becomes better again. so overall either you're doing a crazy max lvl build, or a normal build with 40/40 to 50/50 in which case sharp will be better even for quality builds
By Anonymous
as far as 40/40 goes - sharp if you're gonna 1-hand it, heavy if you 2-hand. personally i don't think there's much point in 1handing this though..
By DemonsSoulsMaster
Holy crap this thing is broken. Good speed, range, and damage, plus a weapon art that doesn’t consume fp if you don’t finish it with another attack. The only real way to handle this thing is to either use murky which is just as bad or out space it with a spear. But even then you can’t have any mistakes, because it’ll take out 70% of your health with one combo. Oh wait, you can buff it? Make it 90%. Maybe you can use perseverance on a heavy weapon and trade, but this is usually limited to easy to dodge great hammers. Now the black knight sword…boys we may have a solution.
By Anonymous
BKS is, for me at least, the best weapon, period.
Awesome moveset 1 and 2 handed, perseverance...I tried Gael, and it's fun, but the BKS is just on another level. Minimal FP use, a timed i-mode, solid damage... what's not to like?
Of course, one could slot this halberd in for chasedowns...
By Anonymous
Don't forget caestus- R1 to L1 does around 350 damage on heavy armor(~500 on lighter sets) and comes out much quicker, as well as the running L1 being pretty good for chasedowns.
By Anonymous
*infinites you*
By Anonymous
I faced a player who used this weapon ... I think he exploited a kind of glitch, how to explain ... He reused the first stroke of the WA repeatedly without continuing the combo, I tried to do the same but my character spins the halberd twice and that's it ... Impossible to fight or defend myself, he uses this glitch (for me it's a glitch) and I die without having had time to do anything ... and all that to receive the very frustrating "Point Down" followed by a dung stalk. This infuriates me.
By Anonymous
yeah its a glitch, i dont know but it might be counted by using a bow/ crossbow or a spell or even throwable items
By Anonymous
Helicopter man
By Anonymous
ds3 pvp is fun ja
By Anonymous
First 2 overhead spins can be repeated by holding down WA button
By Anonymous
Compared to gundyr halberd gundyr does more damage in all attacks, however you can buff this weapon making it stronger, its just preference and choice for either one.
By Anonymous
People use this for the R1->L2->R2 combo that does massive damage
By Anonymous

My first playthrough I was using spitleaf+avelyn and was getting a decent amount of wins in arena duels. But I kept asking myself, "is this how I should be playing the game? Cleaving healthbars via a combo that has decentnrange on the startup hit?"

At first, I thought yes. I play smash ultimate, and these kinds of combos are commonplace in that setting(ex. Samus charge shot confirms, Terry jab cancels, Rob gyro tech, Luigi in general). Unfortunately, after a few hours of playing, i realized most other players only had a true combo that consisted of two R1s. Beyond that, everything was about calling out their reaction.

And that's how Dark Souls duels are. If you can call out your opponent, you can continue and press your advantage. This is why so many hate daggers- it's insanely easy to press this advantage by walking forward and then R1ing again. However, the Spitleaf tosses away the need for these reads by just killing you outright, arguably making it the worst weapon in the game in terms of helping someone get good at PVP. I don't want to call it a crutch, as some skilled players(namely chase) utilize this out of crits to rollcatch and finish a target off. However, this should not be your primary weapon, as it sets most skill aside in favor of R1-L2-R1.

Yes, once you're skilled at the game, feel free to nab this, but otherwise, please try to use an alternative option. I don't care that people hate this weapon because it kills THEM, I dislike it because it hurts a player's ability to learn the ins and outs of PVP. For one's first run I always say the same: try a greatsword out. They're arguably the most balanced class.

TL:DR Spitleaf makes it difficult to learn the ins and outs of pvp and harms new players more than it helps them when it comes to the process of learning combat, as it gives massive damage of one hit that has relatively good speed.
By Anonymous
use gundyr halberd WA! gg
By Anonymous
you can also buff it with dark moon blade
By Anonymous
Get gud
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