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Not to say what's been said before, but this is the perfect weapon to explain where Dark Souls 3 went a biy wrong with it's roleplaying/PvP mechanics. I generally like to play Dex/Int or Dex/Faith builds and what I always liked about them was that Dex weapons rewards you for playing reactive, punishing players for poor stamina management or lazy spamming, and inevitably comboing out when they're stamina-dry either through specific weapon arts or an effective series of attacks (SS/Katana R1-R1-R2). Although I don't usually play them, I still like STR builds because, while you can't play as reactively, they reward you for learning proper spacing (as STR generally have longer reach considering you'd likely need considerable strength to wield a 5m greatsword or halberd) and aggressive play (as you can hyperarmor through greedy Dex users trying to combo out or spell-spamming Int/Faith users). Perfect, I love this balance. But here's the catch, specifically with this weapon: you not only get an extreme amount of reach and hyperarmor for your attacks (natural to STR builds, perfectly fine), you also get the ability to combo out (which should be restricted to weapons with high Dex requirements..this weapon has 16), AND THEN can invest ADDITIONAL points into..say.. faith for a strong weapon buff, which you're almost encouraged to do considering you can a S rating in STR scaling with a Heavy infusion (and nothing in DEX). So we have the curious situation where you have reach, hyperarmor, a strong buffable infusion, the ability to combo out (a bit too easily might I add, you should really have to work for the combo out), AND the option to use a few spells all under the generally-agreed upon PvP SL120 meta. Now that said, I do really like fighting users for the challenge but I just wish this bit of power-creep was balanced out before they moved on.
Don’t forget Spiked Mace and WA-buffed Ledo’s GH.
Well, Ledo's needs a heavy investment in Str, equipment load, and endurance to get full value out of it, and what you get is good AR and a badly-needed alternative attack on GHs considering 2H R1s and R2s (Great Club excluded) were so easy to dodge and you basically had pray they traded with you while you still had two swings worth of stamina left. Spiked Mace I will fully agree with you, it's essentially Splitleaf Lite, with more poise for its R1s instead of Splitleaf's decent running R1s and more AR.
Every single person who hits you with a r1 and follows up with this weapons onehit combo, will point down. In an attempt to convince themselves they are just better at the game.
If you get hit with the combo, it's no one's fault but your own. If YOU are that good at the game, you won't get hit in the first place.
I know this weapon has a killer combo, but I honestly prefer using it free aim so I can rotate my character counter-clockwise during the WA and make the blade spin about three times as fast. (Conversely, spinning clockwise locks the hitbox in one place, which makes it hard to read.) It doesn’t actually help much, but it looks hilarious.
Ohhhh geeeee you sure are good landing one hit immediately using the weapon art to stunlock The weapon to use when you have zero skill
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This coming from someone who's main tactic is probably R1 spamming a straight sword.
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Why did they have to give It an "S" scaling with strength when Infusing It with a heavy gem..Isn't the combo strong enough?
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Posted this after getting destroyed by someone using this twice and wanted to relieve myself cause I was being a sore loser, turns out I just suck at dodging glaives.
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1. You didn’t have to be so rude and homophobic 2. If you don’t like this weapon don’t use it 3. If you don’t like people who use it in PvP then git gud 4. If you can’t beat PvP people with this weapon don’t play online
Loool all the replies: All of ya -----------> parry------->throw dung -----> point down. This *** weapons is made for *** like ya
The Salt Magnet. This thing is sick, has good AR, phenominal reach, an amazing scaling in strength, and it's R1's come out fast enough that you cannot reaction parry it like one can do with the Corvian Scythe. Oh, and it has one of the sickest combos in the game with the R1+L2+R2 combo. Primarily a strength weapon, which means you can get by with 40 strength and get the hard cap when two handing it (two handing increases the strength bonus to as if you had 1.5x the strength you actually have), which frees up point so you can get a buff. A simple infused shield in the off hand to keep the buff active. So tons of reasons to use it. However the down side is that almost every attack is pretty bad besides the R1, which slams downward in a straight line making the weapon very predictable and easily avoided by drifting lazily left or right. Seriously, you don't even have to roll. Also slow recovery times means you get back stabbed easily if you whiff your R1. Best to keep a back up weapon on hand to swat at players crowding you with their shield up fishing for that backstab, which is the easiest way to beat this weapon. I suggest the manserpent hatchet, also has phenomenal strength scaling and innate shield piercing. There's a reason this thing has never won any competitive pvp. It can easily nuke someone for a 1300 hp combo with the right buffs and rings. But it can easily be shut down simply by blocking.
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All these kids complaining about any weapon out there."You're a *** if you use this- just spam R1 and weapon art." Listen, if you don't know how to counter the weapon, or got killed by another player by it, face it- either you lack skill, or your enemy knows how to use it. Stop crying and play the game like a big boy.
Thank you. You are so right. Souls vets don't limit themselves or other players
Honestly this weapon is very easy to counter and I don’t know why everyone is complaining about it.
I'm learning from you man.
Splitleaf? more like split your *** in two