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Damn, I was hoping to read a decent guide on the controls. I'm struggling in the Closed Alpha, but I can't say anything specific due to the NDA. But the Dark Souls inspiration/challenge in the game is superb.
How would you change stances on the keyboard
Are you able to change the control presets to one's liking?
They didnt give us all the full command list for pc.......
PC PLAYERS the game strongly recommends a controller for this game no matter what. I literally bought a Xbox one controller to play this game, and i cant say it was a bad purchase
Q,E,Z,C To change stances if anyone feels like adding it....
yet, my x box controller cant move the cmera, even though the right stick is completly fine and working on other games, it also spontaniously press the "normal attack" and the :stance change attack" buttons
Yes. You can change both keyboard- and controller inputs.