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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Another way to make the Little Girl Machine to move again would be to see if theres any stuck robot in the sand (sand moving although you cant see anything) and perform an aerial strike (X + Triangle) right on top of it.
You've saved me.
i tried twice and she wouldnt move so il try this. i had a feelign this was a crash. Hear anything if they will fix it?
I think the bug was patched for the Japanese version of the game, but I'm not so sure about the US or UK version. It should be patched soon.
I have some bug when i got the pink ribbon then I go to the machine village I can't find the big sister to get reward but the little sister still there at village
I have the same Problem. I hear her Scream and the camera focuses in nothing.
Why can't I see the girl where she's supposed to be the first time? Did she not spawn or something? Is this a bug? Wtf?
If you do not do this mission and move forward in the story, the lost girl will be found dead in the desert according to her sister. just sayin
Good! Next time I won't bother with the annoying whiny brat !!
what happens if you kill her? hahaha
I wanna know how to kill that annoying whimpering oafish malfunction! Never in my life have I HATED characters as pathetically delusional as Pascals freakshow of cowardly shivering rusty scrap! ALL OF THEM! "Do not kill we have done nothing bad"...
1.) How would they know? "uncle Pascunt" Appears to have erased their memories of being WAR MACHINES! Enough so the retards actually think they're "human" ("families", "children" wtf? Pascal indoctrinated y'all to be ****** and cower in terror at loud noises & play **** tag yet you morons think you grasp the concept of family & human tradition? How DARE THEY? Their existence is a MOCKERY! These cheap tin cans with lame-ass Steve Hawking voice mods, have the NERVE to imitate humans (not just in speech but every DEVIANT AND DESPICABLE WAY POSSIBLE). **** stupid, STUUUPIIID talking, wind-up dildos are abominations! As if these idiotic worthless copper latrines deserve to be treated with anything other than unbridled extermination. I hate that you can't "kill" the "little" big oafish "sister".
Or wipe your *** on her ridiculous pink bow and force it down her throat (...No "IT'S throat" not "her") with a pheonix spear as you impale IT. AND EVERY LAST FREAK MACHINE THAT MOCKS HUMANITY WITH THEIR SHEER **** CLUELESSNESS. AND WTF the factory freaks "we will die and become Gods...(the what now??).
The the hunched back imbecilic arrangement of reject parts they "worship" dies and...errr..."gods"...ok you clueless pink ****. I'll let you have this seeing as watching you absolute nothings swan dive into hot-liquid metal IS OFFICIALLY HILARIOUS (ALMOST as hilarious as the BRILLIANT suicide of Pascal infestation of pathetic chickenshit metal ****. I ONLY WISH I COULD HAVE WITNESSED IT 1ST HAND...or coerced, assisted in any way possible. This goes on record as the 1 time I spared their software coding ("lives"). I LET PUSS-CAL, King of weird broken war machines that manage to get just about EVERYTHING about humans wrong apart from CRAVEN COWARDICE, which they not only master but simply **** EXCEL AT...better than any human or animal ever could, these shaking **** actually SURPASS living creatures and create a whole new definition of piss-weak yellow **** cowardly **** idiocy and total loathsome annoying ugly **** weakness (with their dumb notion of WAVING A WHITE FLAG (god I love killing them all) that even the most worthless of festering parasitic lice & bacteria are **** DEITIES BY COMPARISON!
I lost count of how many times I watched the insult to the Factory floor that becomes their eternal place of self inflicted (and downright **** piss-pants funny) misery, suffering and ultimately a DEATH SO DESERVED AND SATISFACTORY, it makes you want to CLEANSE THE ENTIRE PLANET OF THESE CLUELESS SIMPERING CRETINOUS WALKING BUCKETS OF OILY TRASH (because nothing this **** laughably weak and ridiculous looking, is unworthy of anything but being endlessly crushed, blasted sliced, hacked & incinerated to millions of smoulding heaps of dust and clock-makers scrap...

Btw...hurry up and make more colloseum dlc so I can laugh at the guys at the resistence fighting pit doing to these less-than-insect nothin-forms EXACTLY THE ENDLESS TORMENT THEY DESERVE...**** walking, gibbering, Coke-cans with disco ball and BBQ stand.... "Mommy I'm scared" shouts the Mache paper-form armed with spear and attacking (hmmm wonder how many of Pascals coppers turds are really "pacifist? Remember 1 village "kid" moron sayin "I wish I was big like him (meaning hugely ludicrous looking Maché leaf-form siamese octuplet) so I can *DESTROY EVERYTHING*"
Great work indoctrinating hollow headed foil-faced simpletons Puss-cal you weasly cuck!
Jeez, sounds like someone is projecting a little too strongly, and is too much of a ***** to not resort to picking on video game characters for being just as weak. Even resorting to hide behind an anonymous icon like a *****