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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

wow increases Power withing.....dope
# within....woopsy
How does the ring works? Do you have yo equip it only while casting the spell, or is it necesary to equip it while the spell is going to increase the time the spell will last?
tested that you can cast the spell without it, then equip the ring and it will give you the +50% time as long as you wear it/until it runs out
Do you have to keep the ring equipped? Or can I, let's say equip the ring, use great magic weapon, then unequip it? Thanks.
Negative: The effect of the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring lasts for as long as it is worn; removing it will cause affected spells to expire at their normal rate.
does it stack with dex cast speed scaling
umm... what? this ring increases the duration of powers, which has got nothing to do with dex cast speed
*Does NOT work with Miracles*
Why does Miyazaki hate miracles so much?
If only this worked with Darkmoon Blade like it does in DS3..