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So waking Filianore seems like a pretty huge*****move. I don't think I can do it.
I don't remember seeing this in this guide but when the white gargoyles drop you off immediately behind you is a titanite Scale
... did they srsly use a fatalis to mark of dark eater midir? XD
The archers at the beginning...I thought the angels were bad. No comparison.
**** you Midir.......
If the world changes after breaking the egg, then why is the Ringed City still intact when you warp there? I think we merely saw an alternate world in the ash-filled wasteland was all... it is like how you see the world without fire in the Untended Graves, granted this might muck-up time and space a bit due to the shear reality-changing power behind our actions, but I think the Lothric we see in the main game is still very real at least in some way. It could be just issues with different planes of existence, and how they overlap in the main world is all. Granted, the age of fire is STILL dying, but the world is probably saveable(or destroyable in the case of evil ashen ones)... just the main thing is deciding how to go about that in the end. Then again we undead are cursed to never get validation on such matters... or maybe anything plausible that we can think up has happened in an alternate world in-universe? *shrug*
If you look out from a tall peak of Lothric castle, you will notice that the outside is the same wasteland that surrounds Gael - so 'current timeline '.
Still need an edit pointing out the ringed knight in Slave Knight Gael's arena that drops a titanite Slab. He's around the left corner as you exit Filianor's room
NVM I stand corrected
The chronology of this place makes my head hurt...
First thing: gargoyles drop you off. Immediately turn around for a Twinkling titanite (iirc). Also, The Cov. Gold Serp. +3 ring is not listed in the rings section on the side of this page.
Lore aside... my first impression when i arrived at the Gwyn's statue room was that the Pygmy was giving Gwyn a blow-steve-job.



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Not cool.
cry about it, grushenka, you party pooper