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By Anonymous
I got invaded in Brightstone Cove selldora by a forlorn and it did not say that you get invaded in there just pointing it out
By Anonymous
Why so many?
By Anonymous
Bashful Ray (SotfS confirmed) is in Dragon Shrine, in that hidden part before the Drakekeeper Tower Knight, that leads into the tower of where the Petrified Egg is.
By Anonymous
Are there NPCs that will only invade if you are human/hollow?
By Anonymous
most of the summons are trash. like lucateil and benhart, they just stand around rarely attacking.
By Anonymous
I just had a red phantom in the tutorial area. It didn't have a name but it was definitely there and it attacked me. Anyone else ever had this?
By Anonymous
On SOFTS, a dark spirit with a bastard sword spawns after liting all torches in thing's betwixt. It dies very easily (have almost no poise, can be comboed with even a dagger), but can also dispatch brand new chars quickly (with the wide range of the bastard sword). One of the reasons why you will see lot's of bloodstains in the cave close to majula.
By Anonymous
I thought the bloodstains were a suicide cult made with Alonne's weapon.
aidel is spelled wrong in this page (adiel) which leads doesn't point to the correct article for him