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By Anonymous
I did not find any message saying "search your surrounding" while testing around illusory wall i knew(and hadnt activated in this playthrough.
this spell is completely useless when offline and fully dependent on the generosity of other players.
By Anonymous
thank you
By Anonymous
That’s a lie
By Anonymous
i tested this myself and guidance worked just fine, i did this both online and offline. Perhaps you were experiencing a bug of some sort?
By Anonymous
Useless Miracle, thus try Hole
By Anonymous
It actually does provide message.
By CxLoucoxD
You can't see message? Skill Issue.
Try Hollow skin
By Anonymous
Anyone know if you can cast this as a Phantom to reveal messages for the Host? Could be nice to use as a 'hint' when your Host is near an illusory wall, instead of just pointing it out to them.