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shut up *****
Hey, you just blow in from stupid town?
What, you grumpy from penis withdrawalsweetie?
Oh god not the lizards...



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Anything but the unstunnable fire lizards
why, cruel world
their quite easily defeated by standing on left side and run upwards so it spins around you and unable to hit. "if ur melee"
True, but that only works if the others are not bombarding you with fireballs at the same time:-)
this hurts my skin...
Ouch oof fire lizard hurt
***** the lizards
You can jump off the balcony into the fire pit if you land on top of one of the lizards while pressing attack in the air you take no damage
If you stay on their side they are easier to kill
poison arrows end of story for them
The lizards sure are tough. Poison arrow them and wait.