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Soooooo... can I just toss the Anthology scroll thing after I read it? It didn't get consumed, but I don't know what else it could be used for.
So, you can't sleep in the bed you purchase and there's no storage. What use is there for having a house in ESO?
You can build furniture including storage
OK, so there IS a chest you can use for storage. you get it at level 18. the only thing is, it's basically useless. 1. it only has 30 slots, and 2. the contents can't be used at crafting stations(in other words use the bank system instead). Since you can't USE the beds you make/buy at vendors. . . Housing is in fact quite a waste of time to obtain. Unless of course you want bragging rights that you have spent literal years grinding out millions of gold to buy the best house in the game among your friends. . .but that's a little sad, no? my character is level 21 and have never seen more than 3,000 gold at any one time(fast travel, and death is expensive). it doesn't help that most enemies drop absolutely nothing, and those that do usually isn't gold...and of THOSE it's rarely more than 13 gold at a time. basically they've setup an economy where you've no choice but to use real money to buy crowns to buy these useless homes, provided you have any sort of life outside of the game. TL:DR: Don't bother with housing, because the Bank system is more useful for your IRL money investment.
This quest is no longer available. It is instead a quest that gets you a small Inn room.