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hey im first to go WTF?
If you guys watched the video where the knight used this. It might be an item that applies an attack buff. I'm not completely sure but thats what I think.
It's a lance with a weapon art that aoe buffs attack
So, it's basically the Channeler's Trident from DS2.
It's a weapon
Reeeallly. I never would have guessed. It's a spear btw
ey chill guy. a bunch a people thought it was an item you used as an aoe buff. as a matter of fact, thats what it was listed as for a while now on this very wiki's dlc page.
Its a spear with the weapon art being an area buff that increases damage for allies.
Gank squads will love it
The real question is: Can it be infused? It would be an amazing tool for a faith build focused on co-op buffs, and giving it a boost in faith scaling would make it astounding.
It apparently can be Buffed because if you look closely during the stream the guy had Lightning Blade equipped and it wasn't darkened so he could have cast it. This could actually end up being a really cool weapon.
So long as the buff doesn't remove the WA buff and vice versa
Gankers are going to have a field day with this weapon...
pls be a good faith weapon pls be a good faith weapon PLS BE A GOOD FAITH WEAPON
its not. ;_;

It isn't a faith weapon, you only need 14 Str and dex to use it
blessed infusion on this weapon doesn't trash it if you invested into faith as your primary stat
You need to Infuse it to Blessed or Lightening to get Faith scaling out of it, but it does max at Rank A when you do, so should be good.
id love to beat someones arse with a flag.