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New Game Plus seems really lame this time around. Which is half the reason why I play Mass Effect. Going to give it an honest go but my gut says I'm going to be disappointed. This is BioWare's last chance for me. If they screw this one up, I'll likely never purchase another BioWare game :/
Unless, of course, by "Allow you to play as the other sibling" they mean you'll get the "option" to play as the other sibling. Because right now, with the current wording, it implies the change is mandatory. As long as I have the choice to opt out of the gender swap, I won't have any complaints.



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This is something I had not considered, I'll update new game plus as soon as I have info
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I've been trying to do some digging as well. BioWare's being really tight lipped about it, it seems. Hit their twitter, AND FB several times with no response yet.
Have done some digging and found that it is, indeed, optional. Upon entering NG+ players will have the option to not only change gender if they wish, but their appearance as well. Meaning if you started as Male Ryder, but didn't like some aspect of his appearance throughout your playthrough, you could choose to remain as Male Ryder upon entering NG+ and just simply re-edit your appearance.
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