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had all skills learned fore sword tree, reset my character and only got back half my skill points
I hope that they patch it. Because it apparently doesn't reset the skill points you get from locks. Please Team Ninja. Patch it to where Locks count too.
remember that leveling body, heart, stamina, etc. also give you skill points.
The skills gained by hair also come back?



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The skill points gained from locks of hair and weapon proficiency remain, the only skill points you will "lose" from your total are ones from your stat allocation.
Are you sure? I need certainties XD
This might be a stupid question, but how can contribute to the wiki of Nioh? Like enemies weaknesses and resistances, including bosses. I thought of this since I am in the beginning and just cleared the whole missions in the first area. I am planning on using book of reincarnation to reassign my stats and skills. My level is 41, most of the points are in body, heart and strength. Body 20 Heart 20 Stamina 5 Strength 16 Skill 6 Dexterity 6 Magic 5 Spirit 5 My main weapons are Udachis & Spears. My Guardian spirit is kato.