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You can throw stones at them to break their horns for easy takedowns
I am grateful of those people that are writing these wiki pages, I truly am, but this wiki has way more ?? than actual information...
Most annoying normal enemies - Onyudo,raven tengu and dual wield yoki
Oni-bi and wheelmonks are the most irritating
Onyudo and Tengu are hard but there are enemies that are annoying for stupid reasons. Such as Oni-Bi and Wheel Monks, whose primary source of damage is flying/driving into you
Its powerful but it's not smart. Simply move near enough to trigger its attack, then move away, and hit it after. It's speed is quite slow and will continue to hit air even if you are not there. If you dodge to the back or just move to its back, you can take advantage of its misses and beat its back. Never trade hits with it, it's very strong. Let the fight prolong and take your time chipping it. You can deal superb damage by smashing his horns and causing him to pass out. You can use final blow twice on him, one as he kneels and another right after when he falls. If you hit him, you will loose the chance. Stop the combo after you smash his horns. If he survives that, you can unload a full combo on him while he gets up. He will stagger if his ki is empty. And ruining his horns drains them. He will roar to recover ki and use wild swings. You can move to his back during the roar and stay there. Tagging him while he swings blindly( very poor turning while going wild).