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This boss is immune to water damage.
Also paralysis seems to have no effect, like the spider enemies. The bar builds up, but no stun.
Trivia :
Seiyuu : Tanaka Rie, VA Purple Heart/Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
So let's just rip off dark souls entirely. Unoriginal
Are you stupid or something?
Yuki-onna comes from Japanese folklore and mythology.
it's japanese folklore dude, if anything, dark souls ripped off that.
Cry more sad loser
yup there was a 3rd person action game back in feudal japan... he is talking about the gameplay, dumb weebs
The gameplay is not a ripoff of Souls though. "Dodge Block Attack" doesn't define a Souls game.
Though I haven't beaten her yet, she's easily one of the coolest bosses. For a cheesy strategy, use the guardian spirit talisman Kato. Dodge when she throws her weapon then run in and use the talisman to stack fire on her. Then run away and let it run it's course.
You don't need ranged weapons. And in second phase just stay as far away as possible and as soon as she rushes and missis you run up and slash twice then back as far away again rinse and repeat. And don't forget to block those stupid ice projectiles they get me every time
Best Boss In the Game IMO
Maybe not the best, but the most beautiful
Is this meant to be a hard boss? I beat her first try with a few headshots and then used my Kunai with chain (Kusarigama) to just destroy her, I'm not trying to brag I'm really asking here
''I'm not trying to brag just bragging here''
Idk, I beat her first try with just melee. All you have to do is run, poke, run, poke etc. In fact that's all bosses in the game up to this point.
A beautiful fight for a beautiful boss