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By Anonymous
The thrust attack that pierces the heavens.
By Anonymous
I love this sword. Not much to look at, but it rules.
By Anonymous
poke poke poke poke poke
By Anonymous
To answer the question below. I play 125 level PvP and have noticed a wonderful anti backstabber quality to this blade.
First the R2 has long reach, low stamina and short animation this allows poking a backstabber into a safe distance.
Second when the backstabber moves close to do a teleport backstab you can spam R1 which is very quick and has very low stamina consumption- keep swiping through their backstab and the animation will still knock you to the ground but you will receive no damage.

Tips for adding respectable damage is the go with Darkmoon blade, and the Leo Ring- however the BSS can fit any play style and isn’t a one trick pony.
By Anonymous
I'm not sure what's the whole ruckus about this sword. Yea it has good scaling with DEX but so what? It's still pretty normal sword with no special effects like bleed or critical boost. There are many much better DEX weapons.
By Anonymous
It's the moveset - particularly that godlike thrust attack - that makes it shine.
By Anonymous
Looks like a lightsaber when cast magic weapon.
By Anonymous
got this when i decided to go for a dex build on a katana...i'm sorry Undead merchant...if only i'd knew i'd get it..
By Anonymous
So good, it never shows up in a dark souls game again.
By Anonymous
Lothric Knight Sword
By Anonymous
I got three in a row once, no joke. I did the math and it was 1 in ~58000 chance.
By Anonymous
Damn save some luck for the rest of us
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