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By Anonymous
Why are these so rare? I got one on my first playthrough and loved, but I'm kind of mad that I got it out of sheer luck, and had I defeated the Bell Gargoyles in a couple less attempts, I would've never even known about this sword
By Anonymous
Why does this thing have to be so damn ugly please FromSoft
By Anonymous
for me the bss's very beautiful, it only loses in kooks to silver knight straight sword
By Anonymous
It's actually rather plain compared to most real examples of side swords, but I don't know if I'd call it ugly.
By Anonymous
I got this drop TWICE in a single hour. Wasn't even going for it
By Anonymous
I farmed this weapon for hours on 2 different dex runs. I decide to do one cheese run with the gravelord sword on a strength build, this sword drops on the first balder knight i kill. Oh, I dropped both black knight sword and greatsword on the first dks encountered. :')
By Anonymous
One of the harder weapons to farm in DS1 but the Baller Swag Sword is worth it.
By Anonymous
Literally my first run in sens fun house
By Anonymous
It took me 21 runs in the fortress to get it!.. tot lucky
By Anonymous
in my first playthrough i didn't know these were rare and ascended it into artorias' greatsword, which i never even used becuase of the stats requirements. good times
By Anonymous
You can unascend boss soul weapons :o)
By Anonymous
I hate the design, I wished it looked like Astoria straight sword or silver knight straight sword, but it looks like a giant toothpick
By Anonymous
Why are you booing me, I’m right
By Anonymous
It’s supposed to be like a rapier *.
By Anonymous
Than why is it not in the rapier section
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