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I know a glitch fopr getting the sword in a few tries, you just need to shout "Pepeu Viado" or "Pepeu Chupador" the loudest you can, while killing the Balder Knights.
It works better if you have at least four other friends, without shirts, shouting with you.
I tried this and somehow got my*****stuck in the toaster.
can confirm. pronunciation is very important, however
Definitely Chupador
One of my favorite swords in the game and great for builds where you want to purposefully stay low lv like lv10 and is not heavy or require high lvs of stats to use. It's the combination of the moveset, range and ultra-fast speed that makes this a very flexible and deadly "first to strike" weapon where you can often just jab and stab opponents to death before they ever get a chance with lightning fast and punishing thrusts with a large swinging action also available when needs be. Big punishing backstabs and parry values too along with being a great looking sword.
VERY hard to get early on in the game which is annoying if you really want this sword since the covetous ring is not acquired until Sens Fortress by which time you will have spent many hours fighting your way through many other zones and bosses in which this Balder Sword would have been a great weapon for company.
If you farm about humanity early its not to bad to get a drop from farming bud. Best straight sword by far!
Maybe I got this on my one account that had like 6 humanity. Either way I managed to obtain this weapon in the Undead Parish, then proceeded to delete that account after I began learning more about the game.
By going through every single item description throughout the game one begins to realize there are a ton of kingdoms that were entirely forgotten. It's actually kind of sad these kingdoms weren't mentioned or referenced in Dark Souls 3 or 2. Hell at least 2 got a reference in 3
Sucks for Balder. Guess it wasn't as long-lived as other military kingdoms.
Going back to DS1 in the Remaster, seeing the Balder knights again made me think, "Damn, they look an awful lot like Gael." With all the focus on the Way of White and Alffather Lloyd in DS3, and knowing that Lloyd was Gwyn's uncle, I have to wonder if Rendar was the king that utilized the slave knights in pursuit of the Dark Soul, seeing as Balder seems to have preceded the rise of Gwyn and the fall of the dragons. Or they're entirely unrelated, and Balder was just a boring old kingdom of Hollows.
Baller Swag Sword
The Baller Swag Sword lives again...
Bringing this back into the meta
I found mine fairly early in sen's fortress outside of the maze with all the traps when you find the first bonfire. I think it's less time consuming to farm it there cause the distance between the bonfire and the knights is smaller than in undead parish.
I'ma be real, I got this on my third character (neither of the previous ones got past the Bell Gargoyles) in the Undead Parish, and immediately dismissed it. I forget what I was using instead, probably the Uchigatana or Drake Sword. I still prefer the Astora Straight Sword though.
The Astora Straight Sword is an awesome starting weapon if you have the master key, but it is easily outclassed later down the line.