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Looks like another good Bioware game
dark souls 3 default pic for anons? i like it



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It's pretty fun so far. The combat feels really fleshed out and more viable compared to the previous trilogy. I like that there are no real class restrictions and setting up Primer and Denonator combos give a surprisingly large pool of choices on how you want to tackle any given situation.


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Finished ME:A yesterday. Pretty good ending to me (with rather good punchlines). I didn't understand at first all the hate the game was receiving, I understand it all the less now : I'm proud to have gone through this adventure, it was great ! Indeed, a few things aren't ok like some human/asari facial animations or some boring NPC. But the rest is just awesome, visuals and combats in particular. Hope you'll enjoy your trip in Andromeda as I start my NG+ on "insanity" mode, waiting for DLC to come.