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By Anonymous
"0 attack" my ***. These weapons are very effective damage dealers. The only downside is the short air combo.
By Anonymous
the androids have a base dmg, weapon dmg is just added to that. no matter the weapon, past level 99, there's like 1000+ melee attack.
By Anonymous
Bare fists seem to have a different moveset than the bracer-weapons.

Jumping heavy, for example is a standard two-fisted groundpound with Bracers, but a handstand when unarmed.

I just wish there was at least one bracer-type weapon with the same moveset as the fists and a sleek glove-like appearance. All the bracers we actually get are bigger than 2B's head.
By Anonymous
Gets over-levelled quickly, but fun as heck with shockwave chips.
By Anonymous
Playing through the whole game with only Bare fists as weapons, for fun and challenge. :)
By Anonymous
The kind of fist that I want in me.