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By Anonymous
Could she be inspired by the Beatrice from the visual novel Umineko?
By Anonymous
More like they are inspired by the same myth
By Anonymous
Most probably she is inspired by schierke from Manga Berserk.
By Anonymous
A witch called Beatrice that appears with a giant butterfly...? I find it hard to see this as a pure coincidence.
By Anonymous
She's also a callback to Demons's Souls, Fromsoft's first smash hit, which had a witch named Yuria ho looks nearly identical to Beatrice.
By Anonymous
Her appearance looks similar to that of Schierke from Berserk.
By Anonymous
does her gear count as part of the weapons achievement?
By Anonymous
No, weirdly enough. Never even knew about where to find her gear weeks after getting the achievement.
By Anonymous
Catalyst's don't count towards knight's honour.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Anon 07 aug

By Anonymous
I know in the Japanese community, a lot of fans commonly theorize that she's a witch descended from Oolacile, or possibly lived in Oolacile in the time of Artorias, which would explain her ability to traverse the Abyss as well as the "age-old sorcery" she inherited. Her catalyst also branches out in the same way of both the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst and the Oolacile Catalyst. More unsettling is the realization that her garb and color schemes are quite similar to those of the Oolacile sorcerers, who may be relatives of hers that succumbed to the Abyss, though why she was spared is unknown.
By Anonymous
Interesting theory but surely someone at oolacile would say something about her or maybe we couldve got a summon, if she can traverse the abyss wouldn’t she be more popular to elizabeth
By Anonymous
Could be she was less known. She may have been a peasant, whereas a knight would have been more known to Elizabeth. Besides, could be it’s just standard garb there, regardless of if you’re in the school.
By Anonymous
Mother*****er really said garb
By Anonymous
What can I say, I love garb
By Anonymous
In my playthrough she didn't do anything during the butterfly fight. Thank god I am a sorcerer bc she didn't cast a single spell.
By Anonymous
In my playthrough she obliterated the Butterfly. It didn't even get a chance to land.
By Anonymous
Don't even consider summoning her for the Four Kings fight. When you plummet into the Abyss she'll lose like 75% of her health from fall damage (playing the PS3 version btw). Can't wait to pillage her corpse once I get this fight out of the way, doing it solo.
By Anonymous
You know that you need to summon her for her loot, right? Despite her low health, she is useful against the four kings due to their supposed weakness to magic.
By Anonymous
You don’t need to summon her like other dude said to get her stuff
By Damnation87
As long as she was at least Summoned at M.L Butterfly, her gear will appear after 4 Kings are dead. No need to use her at 4 Kings. In fact her being a Phantom increases 4 Kings HP
By app13533d
In DS Remastered, she suffers little fall damage so long as you drop from the end of the stairs & I found her quite useful in beating the Kings.
By Anonymous
The fall damage, I'm guessing was probably from landing on a ledge before falling into the abyss
By Damnation87
Witch Beatrice's gear will spawn once the Four Kings have been defeated, this is even without Summoning her. Appears her gear trigger is being Summoned for M.L Butterfly and Four Kings death.
By Anonymous
Schierke is great
By Anonymous
Top tier waifu, especially if you are a melee character going up against the butterfly
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By Dezmonicle
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Orrrrr you just... kill it with mele... that's not hard...
By Anonymous
leave the waifu at home and take your pyromancy flame
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