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just as OP as the staff of wisdom, a fully upgraded pyro flame, and curved dragon greatsword...
Is it possible to get two Dragon Chimes in the first NG cycle by completing the Pilgrims Of Dark covenant and then killing Grandahl?
I dunno
Lol this chain is such a roller coaster
find out next time.
It's a shame none of these posters (myself included) tried testing it...
You can
Why, though? Lol
yes but actually no- this comment chain summarized
yes and no
Hey, let's make a chime that is hands down the best for casting miracles and render everything else obsolete. Then make it only available end-game.
That makes sense actually. And the fact that you can get it by killing Darkdiver on Black Gulch (which can be done pretty early) is surprisingly cheapo.
Sounds like a guy that didn't know that there's always the one catalyst that out classes the others in this Souls series when you get down to it.
What? They already gave us great armour in the Drangleic Set, that is early game and it holds up until the end. If anything, giving the best items early means everything else you collect is just junk to sell. Not that I wouldn't want to have this early, but it makes sense for a game which is based upon the idea of NG+ anyway.
Is it worth it to go all the way and kill the Darklurker or should I just kill Grandalh in Shaded woods to have de chime early on?
Up to you really. Just remember that he is also a shop so make sure to get all you want from him before ganking him. If you are gonna use hexes don't do it because he sells a few including a copy of dark orb. Also darklurker like all bosses drops a soul that could be used for weapon forging so keep that in mind as well.
Depends on how much you want to do the abyss covenant. Also, the priest chime is easy to get early on and will probably outperform this in the early game as it needs regular titanite instead of twinkling
anon I believe that if you obtain something from a npc that it will no longer drop.
Of u beat the boss and after, u kill the npc, u have it twice :)
And if you do this in NG+, NG++ and NG+++ you can get 8 of them! Just as useless as having 2! Woooot!