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By Anonymous
Is there any way to find a companion character after you dismiss them? I've dismissed Sebille to use one of Ifan's traits, but now I am unable to find Sebille in Fort Joy.
By Anonymous
she is at seeker camp
By Anonymous
in case if she isn`t at the seeker camp she is at a caravan near the door where magister borris is
By Anonymous
can you romance more than one companion?
By Anonymous
Yes. You can have up to four. There is a mod that makes you able to have unlimited companions.
By Anonymous
Why can't I find any info on the origin character Sandor?
By Anonymous
Because he's not an origin character. Dude's a generic.
By Anonymous
O que são pontos de origem??? Preciso usar um ataque e fala que os pontos de origem são insuficientes
By Anonymous
É um recurso mágico incrementado nesse jogo, você vai ganhando mais conforme avança
By petyu3
What's the best class/builds for the original characters?
By Anonymous
Fane is good at anything, Ifan wants to deal physical damage to synergise with his wolf, Beast wants aerotheurge (probably melee staff man), Lohse wants to deal magic damage cuz her source skill is resisted with magic armor, Red Prince's innate abilities deal magic so would be wise to capitalise on that
By Anonymous
I use Lohse as polymorph/heavy cause you get OP tentacle lash which is OP with physical armor (and scales with strenght), then just invest points in warfare till you get onslaught and she becomes a tank, and adding eg. wings/phoenix dive makes her able to land first hits.
Fane as usual- necromancer/aero mage, mostly focusing on aero, then after unlocking grasp of the starved deals huge AoE damage.
Red Prince as summoner- remember that from 10 summon lvl you get a huge incarnate champion which basically is a second tank.
Sebille as ranger with lvl1 scoundrel - adrenaline (+2AP) + flesh sacrifice (+1AP) stack nicely with ranger abilities like ballistic shot, tac retreat, barrage etc
By Anonymous
Ifan: Summoner with the “Pet Power” gift bag.
Sebille: Equally good as Ranger or Necro
Red Prince: Pyro Mage or Sparking Swings battlemage
Beast: Usually a Mage dual-wielding wands (dodge stack).
Fane: Excellent at everything. Poison absorption gives him a small advantage as a 2H frontline warrior. Heal him with your Geomancer.
Lohse: Generally a Pyro/Geo mage, as her ability can fill a CC gap or two.