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Beat her first try completely blind without getting hit once. What a push over
By far the easiest boss in the game.
Have you played the first boss
There a way to break through her "leg shield" .... because I waste so much time waiting for her weak point to be exposed. Super easy boss with annoying time wasting defense.
Does she have a chance to drop spider leg husks?
She does drop Spider leg husks, it's just a ridiculously low drop chance for a boss, worse than Umi-bozu's eye stones. Waiting for twilight mission "Bearer of Ill tidings" worked great for me. Just head down the right side from the start, down the pit, and she's a miniboss. Kill her, then just leave mission and go back. takes me like a minute at like 150ish lvl. I used Saorise with guardian talisman for water and Wind talismans for weakness and discord. Destroy her butt with low stance for best time. Dont forget to equip hunter's blessing! this drop rate sucks!
Just a bit of trivia that needs testing (I do not own the game) : it seems that the armor JoroGumo has, is actually Hiragumo Fragments and so if you collect them all, she won't have any armor. Just watched someone fight her and he only forgot 1 Hiragumo Fragment before fighting her, and turns out she only had armor on one leg only.
Sweet info. Should be part of the info above
Not my proudest fap
Same, but with Ogress.
it's Quelaag minus the rack....or the difficulty
Quelaag is way easier to kill!
Quelaag is perhaps the easiest souls boss (Not including let's say, the starting 3 of each game made to get you into it). Literally just need a wide-swinging weapon and some fire.
Why all RPG's have at least one spider boss?
Think about it man: Spiders have been evolutionarily burned into our collective consciousness as a hideous and dangerous creature so much so that arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in the world.
They're our natural enemy! Of course that makes them easy candidates for video games.