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I found a chestpiece and boots from somewhere, but I could never find the rest... What's more, I found the boots on Way of The Samurai, but the chest on Way of The Strong! Where does it come from?!
I believe it is either a random drop, or I have heard of two locations to farm it. Location one is that it is a drop from the Hundred Eyes. I haven't been able to replicate the drop, but that could be due to***** luck. Another location I have seen more consistent drops from is Spider Nest Castle. At the final boss, there is a shrine located beneath the boss room. Up from there is a ladder with a revenent that wears the Tatenashi Set. However, from my experience the drops are not 150 to start with but you can soul match to get them up there.
OP here. I figured it out. It's Yokai in Twilight Missions. For example, I spent all of Sunday doing random encounters in Evil In The Ether and got good drops on every piece but the Hizayoroi. Since then, I've done several of the new rolls on Twilight Missions, and each time I've gotten at least once piece to drop (not from Revenants). Now that I have a full set, I've made it a habit to let Revenants and other enemies kill me near shrines in every mission to try and leave my bloodstain for others to grab the armor. Once I get a better roll on the Hizayoroi, I'll return here and reply with a set location that I'll make a habit of dying in to help spread the armor. If you see the grave of LegionatorMax, expect at least one piece of this set to drop.
Still no Divine pieces of it, though, sorry.


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Figured I should sign up. So I did. Again, if you see the grave of LegionatorMax, expect this set to drop. Now that I have it, it's all I'll ever wear.
There's a revenant that drops most of the set up the ladder from the shrine right before the spider boss in Spider Nest Castle. Still wondering if he drops the smithing text. Also, let it be known that he does not have the helmet.


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Someone mentioned drop location on reddit so I added it to wiki.