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I doubt it was from Naruto (ANBU units with animal motives). Search for "Darker than Black" and you will see a much greater similarity between this mask and the original Manikin mask. Naruto causing this was a widespread rumor (because many kids only knew this anime) but it is one thing to spread this on youtube but another to write that into a wiki. At least give us links were FROM or Naruto creators talk about this matter. Some proof or erase this "fan theory".
Uhh.. the mask from the trailer was SOOooo mutch cooler!
you bring dishonor to this famiry
I find it really strange the original mask would have been subject to an IP dispute at all. Aside from the black teardrop (which could have been easily removed) it had no distinguishing features whatsoever. How do you point at the most basic, rudimentary mask possible and claim to own the design? Plus, people in the anime and game industries copy each other all the time. I haven't tried digging deeper into this but I generally get the feeling it was a rumor started by people who think you can get sued over minor design similarities.
Also it looks nothing like the design on any naruto mask. I totally agree it's BS you can compare the original mask to anything in naruto. I've seen the anime and seeing the original mask didn't even remind me of the show